19″ Corvette Twin 18V Lawn Mower 1400W Skin Only




Powered by 2x 18V Victa batteries (sold separately) these Victa battery-powered lawn mowers feature a durable 19″ alloy chassis that is designed to withstand Australian conditions. The base is the same used on the popular Corvette 100, Corvette 200 and Corvette 300 petrol-powered mowers. The motor is where all the grunt is at. The batteries power a 1400W motor that will slice and dice the grass beneath giving you a pristine cut in these tough Aussie conditions.

The motor has load-sensing technology allowing the unit to only work as hard as required. If it needs to the engine will automatically increase its output to handle tougher thicker grass when required. This saves battery and gives you a longer-lasting tool off a single charge!

Plastic catcher, swing back blades, 8″ wheels with bearings and a soft grip handle with a single height adjustor leaver.

No more fuel, no more oil, no noise and push-button starting. Make your switch to battery today!

This unit a game-changer. Get yours today.

This skin carries a 5-year warranty.